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About this site

These photographs were being disposed of back in the 1980’s and were salvaged before being destroyed. Because of the interest in these products we felt that they should be preserved for all to see.


History of the site

Home Page 1 copyHarry Peach (1874 – 1936) together with Benjamin Fletcher his designer, commenced manufacturing cane furniture in 1907 – this photographic record was kept up to date until his death in 1936. Records of furniture after this date can be obtained from old catalogues.  Unfortunately a few pages have gone missing together with albums M and T, if anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let us know so we could possibly add them to this record.


History of Harry Peach

harry peach                         image

An abbreviated history is available in

The History of Leicester in 100 People  The History of Leicester in 100 People    –    Stephen Butt

Publishers Amberley Books

ISBN 978-1-4456-1685-8



A full history of his life and works in

image  Harry Peach – Dryad and the DIA   – Pat Kirkham

Publishers  The Design Council

ISBN 0-85072-177-6



Dryad Cane Furniture Business

Commenced business in 1907 and ceased trading in cane furniture in the mid 50’s with the advent of fierce competition in that area.  After the 1st world war the company branched out into the supply of handicraft materials for occupational therapy and for school use, becoming the largest supplier of Art & Craft materials in the world in the years between the world wars. After the second world war Dryad was a far larger business than the just the cane works.



A whole range of furniture was produced from chairs. tables, baskets, trays to a miscellany of other products shown on this site.  The bywords in all the advertisements was ‘Style, Strength, Durability and Comfort’


Home Page 2Distribution

Many UK and overseas retailers were used as well as selling to the general public, one of the largest customers were the Shipping lines of the day.  The company exhibited all over Europe and the UK as you will see from some of the company photographs and during the 1st world war were suppliers to the War Office!


The Basis of this Website

The site is organised by product type which will call up photographs of that type from the albums. You can also browse each catalogue page by page if you wish.

We hope to add other historical photo’s in the future and welcome your input if you know any history about Dryad or have photos or catalogue you would like to be on this website.


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